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Elevate your impact

And connect with your new counselor BFFS that just “get it”!

Join this Mastermind-style Collective and access: 

  • safe venting space
  • content-boost circles
  • meaningful connection
  • judgment-free consultations
  • Invaluable asynchronous support
  • innovative ideas and collaboration
  • intentional burnout prevention chats

How does it work?

You’ll receive a text to join a group of 4-7 counselors via the free Marco Polo app. You’ll share and respond when it works in your busy schedule – no need to log-in at a specific time for a zoom chat! 

  • Need a 3 minute brain break between students? Jump on and share a quick vent!
  • Looking for feedback? Record for a quick minute during lunch and then circle back for responses while you get ready for work the next day.
  • Share your support, encouragement, advice and good vibes when it works for you.

Each week, I will lead the group with a Monday Mantra, What Would You Do Wednesday, and a Self-Care Saturday! Connecting is encouraged every day of the week, though!

Every month, you’ll get a fresh invite to a Marco Polo group with a new set of instant counselor BFFs so you can keep the connections and fresh ideas rolling.

You’ll also be added to the exclusive Instagram chat with the all the Thrive Collective Counselors, which is extra helpful for content-boost circles for any creators out there!

And don’t worry about getting trapped! If you want to take a break, you may cancel at any time… bu refunds won’t be provided unless you are not added to a group!

Please note that by joining the Thrive Counselors Collective you agree to be kind and respectful to all Thrivers within the community (of course!) You may self-promote as long as you are giving more than you take!