"I think books are like people, in the sense that they'll turn up in your life when you most need them."
-Emma Thompson

Growing up, my books were like mini-counselors made of paper and ink. Guiding me, supporting me, helping me to see hope and my own strength. Like so many, I often looked forward to hiding in my closet or under my covers and escaping to a place where things didn’t feel so tough. 

As I got older, writing became a new therapeutic tool for my own healing journey. Then, the idea of Jasper’s Academy sparked something within my soul. I am so thrilled to share Wren and her friends with the world and to continue on my writing adventure. 

Additionally, supporting Counselors (or others) through their role as 504 Coordinators became a personal mission after experiencing the unique balance-challenges during my time as a School Counselor. 

Book with ways to help child with anxiety

Wren and the Worry-Vanishing Magic:
A Strategy-Filled Guide to Help Ease Anxious Feelings
A Jasper's Academy Book

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How to Manage 504 with Less Stress and More Confidence: An Informal Guide for Coordinators

Understand the Law and Timelines, Streamline your process, Stay Organized, and Help More Students!

More about Kendra…

Passionate about helping kids, I served as a School Counselor for a decade prior to making an extremely challenging and heartbreaking decision to take a break. Due to intense burnout and a feeling of an inability to give my students what they deserved, I resigned from my absolute dream job. 

With my husband’s support, I chose to make lemonade out of those lemons. We sold our “forever” home along with almost all of our things to travel full-time on an RV with our 2 girls. We eventually added Atlas, our rescue pup. 

While an unexpected life detour, this adventure has been filled with rejuvenation and incredible memories. It has also blessed me with the time to pursue my passion of writing.

Follow our journey through my husband’s photography page @Wildcraft.Photography

And if we haven’t connected yet on @you.got.this.counselors , join me while I advocate for the mental health of children and adults, providing a safe space for venting and real talk.